From time to time, the group is set a challenge and the photographer is required to produce a set of photographs that demonstrates their perception of the task.

Portrait Challenge Summer

Members of the group were put in pairs randomly assigned. The challenge was to take a portrait of the other member and bring them back to the group. This is Marie's portrait of Ray. The photographer and model each selected their favourites whch are all on this page - portrait challenge summer 2011 or in a slideshow on the blog here.


Past Challenges

  • Suburbia - people were given letters of the alphabet to shoot images based on the theme of suburbia - the resulting A-Z is here.
  • Portrait Challenge 1 - names were drawn at random and mebers were then asked to shoot a portrait of the member they drew. The resulting images and a review of the challenge are here.
  • A few of us went to the tate modern to visit How It Is by Balka, an art installation that is a cavern of darkness. How do you film darkness was the callenge? See Ray's Into the void | Out of the void and Jonny's flickr set
  • Trafalgar Square Challenge 08. Ealing extended an invitation to the Queens Park, Enfield, Greenwich, Shoreditch groups to join them for their first photo challenge of 2008. The challenge was to transpose a poem by William Henry Davies and produce a panel of 3 photographs depecting their individual perception of it. We have no time to stand and stare.
  • Bermondsey Challenge 07. The group had to contemplate a Louis Sullivan quote and produce a panel of 3, 5 or 7 architectural photographs, each one having a link with the other. That form ever follows function. This is the law.
  • Garcin Challenge 09. A few of us were inspired by an exhibition by Gilbert Garcin. He took up photography aged 65 when he retired! His approach is to take self portraits, cut them out literally and create scenes that are often comical or absurd with him in them in which he explores the human condition. The challenge was to create a Garcin-esque photo. See slideshow of the results. We have also created a group on flickr that anyone else can add their attempt to. If you are interested download this pdf take up the challenge.